• PKPD Modelling

    PKPD modelling.

    • Mixed effects PK and PKPD modelling
    • Dose prediction
    • Physiologically based pharmacokinetics
    • Quantitative assessment of therapeutic index
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  • Systems Pharmacology

    Systems pharmacology; implement the exciting developments in systems biology in your projects. Areas of application include

    • Target identification
    • Clinical dose prediction
    • Building confidence in ideas
    • Clinical hypothesis generation
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  • Training


    • Developing systems pharmacology models using Matlab/simbiology
    • Quantitative pharmacology
    • PKPD modelling
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About Xenologiq

XenologiQ is a UK based consulting company.

Our mission is to productively implement state of the art modelling and simulation in medical and life sciences research. Our value proposition is to achieve this via the optimal integration of experience, technical excellence and global talent.

Our consultants have decades of experience in reducing modelling and simulation to effective practice in blue chip pharmaceutical R&D, in particular in pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic modelling and applied systems biology/ systems pharmacology.

What Xenologiq can do for you

We are expert in the following software tools:

  • Matlab/simbiology
  • Monolix

Our core strengths are:

  • Systems pharmacology
  • PKPD modelling
  • Dose prediction
  • Quantitative pharmacology
  • Impactful deployment of M&S


  • PKUK meeting presentation
    Dr Neil Benson presented at the PKUK meeting, Bath on 4th and 5th November 2014. This diverse and interesting meeting covered a range of topics. Neil’s presentation focused on ‘Early...
  • EMBL-EBI Industry Programme workshop
    Dr Neil Benson presented at the EMBL-EBI Industry Programme workshop on 23rd and 24th October 2014. This exciting meeting was attended by representatives from many of the big pharma companies...

Recent work – our customers include: